Happy Legalization Day: 6 Fun Facts to Celebrate This Year

November 6, 2012. It’s one of the most important dates in recent cannabis history. It’s Weed Legalization Day! So what is the legalization day meaning? It marks the date that Colorado and Washington legalized adult-use marijuana. Although a small handful of states already had legalized medical cannabis, this date marked the first time weed became […]

Can Medical Marijuana Help for ASD? What FL Residents Should Know

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), commonly known as autism, is a neurological and developmental condition that affects how people experience and interact with the world.  The word “spectrum” reveals that autism presents in varied ways and at different levels of severity.  Common symptoms someone with autism might experience, or that might be observable to others include:  […]

Herbalism, Medical Marijuana and the Future of Self Health Care

Plants and herbs have been integral parts of medicine for centuries. Written records of medicinal plants date back around 5,000 years, and they’ve been used in cultures around the globe. With the rise of modern medicine, herbal medicine faded into the background. Some have viewed it as bogus medicine or associated it with people who […]

Medical Marijuana & MMUR Identification Cards: A Beginners Guide

As of March 2019, some Florida residents have been legally allowed to smoke medical marijuana sold from a licensed medical marijuana treatment center. There’s just one hitch — you must present a card issued by the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR).  So, who qualifies for a medical marijuana card in Florida? And what do you […]

Cannabis & CBD for Kids: A Discussion for Parents

Over the last several years, CBD products (and cannabis, in general) have grown substantially more popular as alternatives to conventional treatments for a variety of ailments. People are trying it out to address concerns such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more.  As more people find it helpful, parents are beginning to wonder if CBD might […]

Choosing Weed-Friendly Vacation Spots for Florida Locals

There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all to rest and recharge. If you’ve been thinking about taking a much-needed vacation, one of your toughest decisions is likely to determine where you should go. If you’re a cannabis user, that choice can be even harder.  We have great news! Taking a vacation doesn’t have […]

Why Does Cannabis Turn Your Eyes Red? Tips & Advice

There’s no denying that cannabis provides numerous benefits. Scientific studies show that it can ease chronic pain, assist with anxiety disorders, and treat a range of conditions, including epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.  While its use is becoming more widely accepted, the cannabis user stereotypes remain. You know how it goes. The age-old jokes about the […]

Caryophyllene: Exploring This Fragrant, Natural Smell In Weed

When the pungent, sweet, natural aromas of cannabis drift through the air, we all know what it means. Sometimes the scent is earthy and dank. Other times it has a sharper, citrus edge.  Either way, the smell of cannabis has a distinct place in our culture. And that’s all because of small but important compounds […]

Saving Half-Smoked Joints: Joint Extinguisher Tools & Tips

Joints are one of the most popular ways to use cannabis. They provide fast-acting results, and they’re pretty user-friendly. However, you might not always be able to finish a joint once you light it. Sometimes it only takes a hit or two to get the effects you’re looking for. Or there may be times when […]

Cannamoms: Let’s Talk About Cannabis and Parenting

Being a parent and having your own interests and hobbies can sometimes be at odds. It’s as if once you have a child, as far as society is concerned, your personality should revolve around being a parent to that child. Some people even feel that society is more forgiving to fathers than to mothers. They […]