Weed for Tooth Pain: A Natural Guide

If you’ve ever dealt with a toothache, you probably only had one thing on your mind: finding relief.  Whether it’s a dull and persistent ache or a sharp and throbbing pain, tooth pain can be more than just an annoyance. It can disrupt your life and even keep you from sleeping at night. A trip […]

What To Know About Anger Management & Marijuana

Over the past few years, marijuana has gained traction as a powerful form of medical treatment. While there are still some legal hurdles in place, laws are changing — opening doors for more far-reaching drug applications.  Research shows that the medicinal uses of cannabis can go far beyond pain management. From multiple sclerosis to sleep […]

4/20 & Other Modern Cannabis Holidays to Know (+ Celebrate)

It seems there’s a holiday for everything now — from International Coffee Day to National Blueberry Popsicle Day.  If you enjoy cannabis, you may be pleased to learn that 4/20 isn’t the only day to celebrate. As cannabis reform spreads across the U.S., there are plenty of other weed holidays to celebrate by meeting up […]

5 VidaCann-Approved Tips for Safely Cooking With Cannabis

Although the word “cannabis” conjures images of hippie college students rolling joints, the real world of cannabis consumption is much more varied. Young professionals use it to treat anxiety, new parents use it to help them sleep, and people with chronic pain use it as addiction-free pain relief. As cannabis users become more diverse, so […]

Is Cannabis Sustainable? Facts & Stats for the Conscious Consumer

The legalization of marijuana is quickly spreading across the globe. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing in the United States, despite Federal legalization still being in the works. As of 2022, the medical use of cannabis is allowed in the District of Columbia, four territories, and 37 states — including Florida. Additionally, 18 states […]

First Time Trying Florida Medical Cannabis? Here’s What to Expect

Believe it or not, marijuana use was legal for a good part of human history. It was not until the early 1900s that the U.S. heavily restricted this drug across its territories. While cannabis remains illegal on the federal level, 37 states have legalized its use for therapeutic purposes — including Florida in 2016.  Medical […]

Florida Cannabis Tips: 5 Ways to Consume Your Cannabis

Cannabis flowers (also referred to as buds) are the trichome-rich components of the Cannabis sativa plant. Those trichomes contain the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids responsible for each strain’s aroma, flavor, and beneficial effects.  Humans have been using cannabis flowers for centuries. It wasn’t until more recent years that cannabis use was made illegal. However, over the […]

Edibles VS Smoking (According to A Medical Dispensary)

The modern cannabis industry has grown astronomically over the last few decades. What was previously a substance used only for recreation has quickly become a more mainstream plant with several potential significant benefits. As cannabis views have changed, more and more states have started legalizing cannabis for medical (and sometimes recreational) use. Medical dispensary offerings […]

Medical Cannabis Safety + Side Effects | A Beginner’s Guide

Medical cannabis legalization has been sweeping the nation. Claims about the benefits of medical cannabis are growing exponentially and many people are curious about whether or not it could help relieve their symptoms. Cannabinoids are the components of cannabis most responsible for its effects. The two most commonly known cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol […]

Using Medical Cannabis For Arthritis Pain: What To Know

Medical cannabis made its legal debut in the United States when California broke ground on the topic in 1996. Legalization has since gained popularity, spreading across other U.S. states to help treat various medical issues and symptoms. One popular application of medical cannabis is pain relief. Its popularity should come as no surprise since, historically, […]