Cannabis Lenders

Cannabis Lenders

Leading cannabis businesses always find new ways to stay ahead by acquiring the necessary funds to finance their processes. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want an upper hand can obtain loans for recreational or medical marijuana cannabis business from our lending system. Our program helps you avoid industry roadblocks, such as limited cannabis stock from reputable distributors like Nabis.

Why do most people avoid private equity for cannabis financing?

The cannabis business funding has several options. You could come across private equity financing that promises to ease the initial financial burden of getting into a full-blown business. The private equity financing option is only significant for short-term problems.

The long-term effect is that the financing will diminish your business rewards for the long haul. You will not pay the investor for the capital, but will instead pay a percentage of the profits for the rest of your business’s existence. The most viable financing option is alternative loaning to wipe away the burden of contracting a private investor.

Challenges of working with a traditional cannabis lender

Alternative lenders like Cannabis Business Loans are willing to work with you to get the business to a favorable status with any of the available financing options. The difference between working with our system is that we have enough advantage against traditional borrowing systems like banks. The most common challenges of working with traditional lenders include the following:

  • A credit score in the 650 rang that will qualify your deal for a better financing program.
  • Proof of at least two or one years in the industry. You can, however, push things off the ground when you have alternative cannabis funding.
  • Minimal sales requirement to ensure you are capable of paying the loan back for profitable gains

How do we solve the financial problem?

Alternative lenders fill the void by providing cannabis businesses with a risk-free financing option. It is the perfect route when you want minimal obligations in paying back the capital. Here is what you will get when seeking to finance your business for a better supply from Nabis or other distributors:

  • Cash advance to finance future receivables
  • Equipment financing to purchase the amount you need to grow or expand the cannabis business

What are the guidelines for applying on different alternative loans?

You can apply for alternative loans by working with a lender who understands your business model. The cannabis distributor gets inventory financing to keep a smooth flow of goods and services, while the cultivator gets invoice financing that is payable within three months.

The manufacturing loan system allows you to decide which client you want us to pay. It is a better option for most cannabis production teams because you do not have to wait for clients’ pay to realize better business goals.

Do you have a starter cannabis business? Perhaps the profits are not good enough to cover all the new expenses. Our business processes and disburses all loans within seven days. We have different payback procedures for all different loaning channels. We can only address your issue when you apply for funding through the site.


Cannabis Lenders

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