Weed for Carpal Tunnel? Here’s What To Know

Weed for Carpal Tunnel? Here’s What To Know

While cannabis has been around for centuries, understanding its potential medicinal benefits has only recently started to become more mainstream. In recent years, there’s been a lot of research into the plant as an alternative treatment for a range of health concerns. Studies have shown that it may help with issues as varied as chronic […]

THC Muscle Rub: How Weed Can Help With Muscle Recovery

THC Muscle Rub: How Weed Can Help With Muscle Recovery

Physical exertion during a workout can put a lot of stress on your muscles, which can cause tiny tears (micro-tears) to develop. Although it may sound bad, this process is actually normal. Your muscles will heal and become stronger. However, you’ll need to build muscle recovery into your routine for this to happen. What is […]

THC and Serotonin: Exploring the Relationship

Behind weed is a fascinating science that many consumers don’t delve deep into. For instance, have you ever wondered why certain strains of cannabis have distinctive aromas? Well, that has a lot to do with terpenes, the compounds that give each variety its characteristic flavor and scent. Some terpenes can modulate how THC — the […]

Cannabis for Seniors: What Florida Users Need to Know

Golden agers are looking for alternative ways to improve their quality of life. We see this by the way they’re looking for warmer places to live and investing in alternative health care, among other trends.  They’re also discovering the medicinal benefits of cannabis, such as relieving pain, assisting with menopause symptoms, improving sleep, treating high blood pressure, […]

Is Weed a Stimulant or Depressant? What to Know

While cannabis has become more widely accepted, several weed stereotypes still exist. One of the most common is that cannabis users are lazy stoners, and using cannabis ruins their desire to work or do anything other than lounge around, smoke, and snack all day. The lazy stoner stereotype has led many to believe that cannabis […]

THC and Gut Health: A Cannabis Digestion Guide

Tips for Using THC To Improve Gut Health

Gut health has become a hot topic throughout the health community as recent research shows links between your gut and many other parts of your health. Since your digestion controls your ability to absorb nutrients from your food, it makes sense that anything improving or interfering with that absorption would also affect the bodily systems […]

Holistic Self Care + Cannabis: 4 Tips

Holistic Self Care + Cannabis

As mainstream awareness of the importance of self-care has grown, so has public interest in holistic self-care — a philosophy that ties together all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing. Though we often associate cannabis with relaxation, it can be useful in almost every area of a holistic self-care routine. What Is Holistic Self-Care? […]

Can Weed Be Addictive? Your Questions Answered

We’ve all heard both sides of the story, right? On one hand, weed lovers claim marijuana has no downsides at all, and on the other, legalization detractors speak of it as if it were the worst thing on Earth. It turns out neither extreme is quite right. Marijuana is a wonderful herb that has incredible […]

Does THC for Focus Work? What To Know

Does THC for Focus Work

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is only one of the 100-plus cannabinoids contained within the cannabis plant. It’s also one of the most abundant and the most well-known. But what, exactly, is it? THC is the cannabinoid responsible for producing the psychoactive effects or “high” that most people associate with the use of cannabis. That’s not all […]

Cannabis and Inflammation: What’s the Effect?

Cannabis and Inflammation: What’s the Effect?

Many people struggle with chronic inflammation for a variety of reasons. Although this can be treated with medications such as NSAIDs, these are known to have negative effects with long-term use. Many are now turning to cannabis as a pain relief alternative to treat their inflammation — with surprising success. What Is Inflammation? The term […]

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