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female counselor KitsilanoAre you looking for a female counselor in the Kitsilano area? You won’t find a more professional therapist in the greater Vancouver area than Lyn Firth. If you feel as though you are stuck in your life or are dealing with unhealthy feelings, thoughts of behaviors, call Lyn today at 604-809-7438.

Lyn Firth can help you break free from a life of doing all the things you thought you ‘should’ be doing, that has not led to the fulfillment you may have thought it would. It’s not as complicated as you might think to take that first step and begin the journey. Lyn’s overall goal for therapy sessions with you is to help you get on track to a happier life in 8-12 weeks with the following plan:

– Your first visit will be a supportive, encouraging visit with Lyn offering you empathy while you express your problems. Her goal is for you to experience relief and feel hope that a happier, more fulfilling life is possible.

– During the next 2-4 sessions, you will explore all of the ‘should’ messages you have received during your lifetime, as well as any blocks you are dealing with to being who you are and to achieving the life you want. Lyn will ask you some tough questions that may challenge the way you were taught to think and behave. You will begin exploring how your current situation can prove to be an opportunity for change.

– When you’re ready to proceed, the final 5-10 sessions will help you empower yourself to take the steps necessary to making the positive and lasting change you seek.

As a female counselor at The Life You Want in Kitsilano, Lyn uses a variety of approaches to achieve the goals her clients are looking to obtain. Depending on your situation, she may find that one or more than one of the following approaches will work best for you:

– Persona Therapy, designed to help you explore painful problems by helping you see the parts of yourself that are exhibiting the problem behaviors.

– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, that focuses on thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are creating emotional problems. Here is where you will focus on the ‘should’ messages and how they may be blocking you from achieving happiness or fulfillment.

– Humanistic/Person-centered Therapy which asserts that you are the ultimate expert on yourself and that you already possess the answers to the problems you are dealing with.

– Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, which encourages you to be aware of each thought, so you can prevent one negative thought from leading to a chain of negative thoughts.

If you find that you’re tired of living your life to please other people instead of yourself, contact Lyn Firth at The Life You Want. You won’t find a better female counselor in all of Kitsilano. Her unique system of therapy for helping you break free just might be the solution you’ve been searching for. Visit online today at TheLifeYouWant.ca or call Lyn at 604-809-7438. female counselor Kitsilano

Lyn Firth Counselling

(604) 809-7438
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