Florida Dispensary

Florida Dispensary

What is it about HT Medical Cannabis that makes us the best Florida dispensary for filling your marijuana Rx? Compare our prices with other medical cannabis dispensaries and our wide selection of strains & products and you’ll see why so many Florida residents choose us for quality and affordability. Unlike recreational dispensaries around the country that stock THC products for the sole purpose of ensuring their customers experience a high, we hand-select our strains for their ability to help manage pain and address symptoms associated with various medical conditions.

5 Compelling Reasons To Purchase Medicinal Marijuana From Us

1. We are home to the best medicinal cannabis strains; products that are low in THC and high in CBD, with rich terpenes, which are considered potentially beneficial to medical patients. Check our inventory online to view the wide selection of strains and marijuana products we carry and see for yourself that we are the ideal place to shop.

2. If you’re thinking about trying to get approved to buy medical marijuana in Florida, our experts can provide assistance, including helping you find a local physician who can assess your condition to determine your eligibility for using medical cannabis. Browse the free information on our site to read about qualifying medical conditions and apply for your Florida medical marijuana card to legally purchase THC products from our Florida dispensary.

3. Discover how quick and easy it is to purchase medicinal marijuana online instead of shopping in-person; you’re free to check out all of our products for the comfort of your home, workplace, or any remote location. If you need assistance from the HT Medical Cannabis team, simply reach out to us by calling 352-987-8406- we’re here to provide assistance with product selection and make your shopping experience one that is positive.

4. You’ll find a terrific selection of strains in our medical marijuana dispensary- something to suit every need. Shop by category, effect, or potency; it may take some trial and error to find the best strains for potentially addressing your symptoms; go slow and keep track of how you feel after using a particular strain; make adjustments depending on results.

5. We keep prices low with specials, discounts, and savings opportunities, so it’s always a rewarding experience when you shop with us. First time patients receive a 20% discount on their entire order at HT Medical Cannabis. Take advantage of this amazing offer by stocking up on all of the items you need to potentially help manage pain, get a better night’s sleep, stay calm & relaxed, improve focus during the daytime, enhance your appetite, or experience active effects.

Once you’ve seen proof of our quality and experienced first-hand how effective medical marijuana can be at potentially managing your pain and symptoms, you’ll never want to shop at any other Florida dispensary. We welcome you as a new customer at High Times Medical Cannabis and look forward to meeting your needs in the days, weeks, and months to come. Browse our products online, shop for the items you need, and pick-up in-person from our Spring Hill location.

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Florida Dispensary

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