Herbs For Endometriosis

Herbs For Endometriosis

Women in the 20th century and before relied on herbs to support their feminine health., which means that using herbs is not a new idea and will likely continue as science embraces the power of botanical treatments. Natural fertility treatments are inexpensive and improve the odds of success because they deal with the underlying problems of infertility. Sarah Madsen takes the initiative to improve your odds of conception and healthy pregnancy by using an integrated approach that looks at everything causing the problem.

Treating Endometriosis To Heal Infertility

Endo means inside, and metrium means uterus, which is all we need to remember about the inflammatory hormonal condition. Endometriosis is a health complication of a thick tissue lining up the uterus and resulting in lesions and implants that attach to the tubes, pelvic lining, ovaries, and beyond. The standard modern treatment is always through surgery and a string of hormonal treatments that will reverse how different organs work.

The extra tissue that forms in affected areas can cause a lot of pain as one of the symptoms of endometriosis and is one of the leading causes of infertility worldwide. You may notice that you have a lot of digestive issues if you have endometriosis because the body does not have a natural way to remove excess estrogen and deal with the inflammation.

Our solution is to give clients herbal treatments that solve different issues that are causes of the endometriosis inflammation, such as rebalancing the hormonal system, easing inflammation, and reducing the growth of endometrial tissues.

Most Common Herbs For Natural Treatment for Endometriosis


Turmeric contains curcumin, a herb with powerful elements to reduce pain and control inflammation. The curcumin for endometriosis antioxidant power of the chemical is beneficial in treating endometriosis because it reduces the growth of harmful tissues by reducing the production of harmful amounts of estrogen.


Chamomile contains antispasmodic elements, which means it can control muscle spasms and reduce cramps. The herb is helpful if you are experiencing menstrual pains or have excess uterine contractions during your pregnancy. We do not recommend taking this herb without consulting an experienced herbalist who can offer you an accurate prescription plan depending on your specific medical report.


Peppermint is a common everyday herb that we can find at the grocery store, in several home treatment solutions like balms and inhalers, among many more. One study found that an educated consumption of peppermint reduced the pain from cramps and made the body more tolerant of so many other inflammatory threats. You can use peppermint to ease PMS pain or calm down your uterus when you experience sharp womb pains throughout your pregnancy. Be wary about using the herb if you are already pregnant by working with a professional who has seen it all and will respect your doctor’s prescriptions.

Dandelion Root

The famous Chinese medicine is one of the most recommended for endometriosis because it promotes the growth of the functional cells that support the ovaries. Taking this herb improves the anti-inflammatory properties of the ovaries to reduce pain and promote general wellness.

These are only a few of the most helpful alternative treatments for endometriosis, but we can assist you with an in-depth consultation that will solve your particular underlying issues. Book a session for more information.

Herbs For Endometriosis

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