How To Integrate Cannabis Into Your At-Home Workout

With stay-at-home and social distancing orders in effect until at least the end of April, it can be easy to just veg out on the couch with your cannabis. And that’s okay! This is a stressful time for everyone, to say the least, and cannabis can certainly help relieve some of that stress.

It can help off the couch too though and provides many benefits besides a little extra relaxation. In fact, contrary to the outdated stoner stereotype, some research has shown it can be just the boost you need to get off the couch and get in a workout. That euphoric feeling exercise gives you—sometimes called a “runner’s high”—is the activation of your endocannabinoid receptors that are connected to the reward and dopamine pathways in your brain. The cannabinoids in cannabis activate those same receptors, so it’s possible for THC to give you an artificial “runner’s high” and leave you feeling motivated to get out there and move more.

And let’s not forget the other, more obvious benefits of cannabis, like its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Combining those with cannabis’s time-altering effects could be just what you need to convince your body it can handle longer workout times!

But before diving into a cannabis-infused workout, you’re going to want to ask yourself these three questions:


1. What is my goal in combining cannabis with my workout?

It’s important to narrow down your goal first. Cannabis can help all aspects of your workout, from finding the motivation to start to helping your body recover. So, determine which aspect of your workout you want cannabis’s help with. Do you need some extra motivation to get started? Are you hitting your pain threshold halfway through and need help pushing through to the end? Do you want to reduce the soreness that comes post-workout? Maybe you need help with more than one aspect of your workout? Determining your goal will help you decide how intense your workout is going to be, what strain you should use, and how you should consume your cannabis.


2. How intense is my workout going to be?

Think about it—you don’t go into yoga with the same pumped-up intensity you might bring to a weightlifting workout. Things like yoga or going for a walk require a relaxed mind, while weightlifting and other high-intensity exercise need more energy. Cannabis can put you in either mindset, provided you reach for the right strain.

If you’re taking a more relaxed approach to your workout today, consider reaching for something with more THC. THC can help open your mind and body and subdue your stress. (Though, be mindful of how much you dose because too much can cause anxiety.) Plus, the chemical compounds found in cannabis help your body reduce inflammation, allowing you to get deeper into your poses and stretches.

If you’re gearing up for an energetic workout session, think about something more CBD-heavy. CBD doesn’t bring on that familiar high, so you can stay active and alert and feel less of THC’s sedative effects. If you do want to use something a little higher in THC, an even 1:1 ratio could be just the ticket for you since CBD can help even you out if the THC content is a little too much for a workout.

If gains are what you’re going for, an indica-dominant strain can be a helpful option because it can up your appetite. (Hello, protein!) Be aware though, indicas can leave you feeling glued to the couch, so it may be better to save your appetite enhancer for after your workout.


3. How am I going to consume my cannabis?

You want to choose a delivery system that works best for you and your workout. Vaping can be a solid option because you feel its effects immediately—which can also help you dose correctly—and it’s not as harsh on your lungs as smoking. A good rule of thumb is to hit your vape once about five minutes before starting your workout. If you feel like you need a little more before diving in, go for it. Be aware of how much you’re dosing, though. Some research has shown that vaping can have stronger effects than smoking, especially if you are not a frequent user.

If you prefer something like a capsule or edible, timing is everything. There’s no sense in eating an edible right before you start a 30-minute online yoga class, right? Odds are, you’re not going to feel anything until a little later, after you’re done working out. (Now, if this is what you were going for, and you want to feel the effects while you’re recovering as opposed to while you’re working out, then a capsule or edible can be the perfect option!)


Key Takeaways

Whether you choose to keep it lowkey with yoga or a walk or pump it up with more high-intensity training, cannabis has several properties that can improve your workout and benefit your body, including:

  • anti-inflammation
  • pain relief
  • altered sense of time (extend that workout!)
  • clearer focus
  • increased motivation

It’s important to choose workouts and consumption methods that feel good to you and your body, so remember to first ask yourself what your goals are, how intense your workout is going to be, and how you’re going to consume your cannabis. If you’re not sure what the best consumption method would be for you or what strain to use, VidaCann can help. Every staff member at all of our dispensary locations throughout Florida is trained on cannabis and its relationship with the body.

Currently, our dispensary locations are still open and following in-store COVID-19 preventative measures. Plus, we’re also offering curbside pickup and no-contact delivery right now. If you have questions before you place your order, feel free to give us a call, or you can always reach out to us on Facebook or send us a message on our website. We’re always here to help you!



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