Do You Qualify?

All medical marijuana patients and caregivers must have a Medical Marijuana Use Identification Card to receive their order. ID Card applications and the Patient's Guide are linked below.

Get Started:
Step 1 - Make an appointment with a physician who has taken the appropriate courses and is approved by the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) to recommend cannabis.

Step 2 - Complete and submit to OMMU the Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID Card application. Application is provided in the link below.

Step 3 - See your physician and receive a recommendation for medical cannabis. Your physician will then enter you into the Patient Use Registry.

Step 4 - You will receive your Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID Card in the mail. Visit the closest VidaCann store or set up delivery at to fill your recommended order.

Please click on the Patient's Guide for a detailed list of qualifying conditions.

Realm of Caring Foundation Call Center 719.347.5400

Patient Benefits

We strive to provide the highest quality, most consistent and safest cannabis products. Our belief is that all qualified patients should have access to our cannabis products to gain relief from the symptoms of their medical condition. VidaCann is committed to patients by offering a range of discounts and we also offer financial assistance to help patients who meet eligibility requirements.

VidaCann customers have access to the Realm of Caring Foundation.

The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC), a 501c3 non-profit, empowers you to enhance your quality of life by providing and expanding cannabinoid research initiatives, educational services, and advocacy programs. The Realm of Caring provides patient support services, including a call center to help with the administration of all of VidaCann’s Florida-made products.
(719) 347-5400 – option#1

If you are not able to make it to one of our state-wide dispensaries, VidaCann also offers home delivery for patients throughout the state. The patient or caregiver must be present to receive the delivery and must have their state issued Registry Identification card with them. Delivery fees differ based on distance. Please contact your nearest VidaCann dispensary for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding eligibility for all patients:
● Eligibility is based on the patient’s financial status or military status, not that of his/her caregiver.
● If patient is a minor, eligibility is based on the financial status or military status of the parent or legal guardian.