The 2022 Holiday Weed Gift Guide: Great Tips + Festive Ideas

Are you thinking of a special cannabis smoker in your life? Looking for a holiday weed gift for someone close to you? 

The image of cannabis in the US has become more upmarket in the last 10 years. And the merch now reflects the diversity among cannabis lovers. Long gone are the days of tacky gag gifts in green, red, and yellow, emblazoned with weed leaves. Now, a thoughtful present that’s cannabis-themed can really add extra magic to a smoker’s holiday season. 

But how should you approach buying cannabis gifts? And what should you get? Here’s VidaCann’s cannabis gift guide for Christmas 2022. 

Tips for Buying the Right Cannabis Gift

Your loved one may have plenty of cannabis-related items already, which can make it hard to find something unique.

If you’re searching for the best holiday weed gift, consider the following tips.

Give them something they wouldn’t buy for themselves

Giving someone a gift is a great opportunity to treat them to the finer things in life. This kind of present is extra special if the person you’re buying for doesn’t often have the time or the budget to give themselves a little TLC. 

If you can, make your gift something that’s high-quality, so it’s a little luxurious and it won’t break. Cannabis is on this planet to be enjoyed, and your gift can help make smoking or using cannabis products a better experience.

Customize the gift to what they want 

You spot a beautiful, intricately patterned bong and you think it would make the perfect gift. But is it in your loved one’s style? Will they be proud to place it as a centerpiece in their sacred smoking space? You find a really smart gadget that speeds up the joint rolling process. But what if your recipient enjoys taking the time out to spend on this ritual? 

Tailor the gift you give to suit your recipient’s tastes — these are usually very personal when it comes to weed. 

Avoid something that might offend

Weed can be a sticky subject for some. You might have the best intentions for how to enhance your buddy’s smoking sesh, but a gift’s sentiments can get lost along the way. 

To avoid this, look for products that don’t come with any implications. If you present your friend with a strain that’s used for stress relief (and they never asked), they may wonder how they’ve been coming across to everyone lately. Instead, tell them you’ve bought a product you think they’ll like based on the aromas. 

Shop local to support local businesses

A huge and essential part of the cannabis industry is the local dispensaries. In Florida, stores give residents a fixed location they can depend on to help them feel better in both body and mind. They serve the needs of their community beyond simply being a retail outlet. 

With this in mind, take a trip down to your local dispensary for Christmas shopping. Who knows what delights and gift inspiration you’ll find! 

Ask your person what they like

There’s such a wide range of cannabis products available. It’s no use buying a pipe for someone who only eats THC gummies. If someone prefers to concentrate, they’re unlikely to be over the moon when you gift them flower — no matter how dank it smells to you. 

If you’re struggling to know what to get your loved one, ask them. You might find out there’s a grinder they’ve had their eye on or a cannabis drink they’re hankering to try. And often, it can still be a surprise. 

Cannabis Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

Ready to find the perfect gift? Check out the top cannabis gift ideas for Christmas 2022 below.

VidaCann pre-rolls – Champagne Breakfast

Take the work out of smoking for your loved one this festive season. Treat them to some pre-rolls — individually rolled joints that are packed with the same high-quality flower you would roll yourself. These VidaCann pre-rolls feature the Champagne Breakfast strain, which has festive flavors of sugar and spices. They’re perfect for physically and mentally relaxing over the holiday season. 

The Green Cannabis Co. Wildflower filter tips

Your mom’s smoked joint is no longer just a joint — now it’s going to help the environment, too. Hook her up with some wildflower filter tips from The Green Cannabis Co. When she throws her roach — you guessed it — she’ll plant wildflowers. Each of these filter tips is made with a mix of 13 types of wildflower seeds. The handmade paper is 100% biodegradable, and the plants should flourish in all regions of North America. 

Original Apothecarry case

Treat your dad to one beautiful and secure place to keep all of his smoking supplies. The Apothecarry Case is a uniquely crafted and stained wooden carry case with an in-built humidity system. The case’s organizational system will keep products arranged and secure. It holds flower, papers, concentrate, and much more, and even includes a zinc alloy grinder. What’s more, the case keeps odors in and can be locked to keep herb secure. 

VidaCann Indica milk chocolate squares

Does your loved one treat their symptoms with cannabis using the same method every time? Would they like to mix it up with some tasty edibles? Once you’ve checked if they’re open to the idea, why not treat them to some delectable milk chocolates? 

Made with high-end Callebaut Belgian chocolate, these bite-sized squares each contain 10 mg of THC. They’ve been designed for an Indica effect, stress-relieving, chilled, and relaxed, just in time for the holiday season. 

Papers + Ink rolling papers

Add a touch of flair to your bestie’s smoking session by buying them some fancy rolling papers this Christmas. A prime example of a present someone might not buy for themselves, Papers + Ink’s collection is certainly high-end. 

The Honey Riad Morocco papers feature pretty, patterned tile squares, and they’re made with organic unbleached hemp. The pack includes filters, a packing tool, and a how-to-roll guide — perfect for the beginner smoker. 

OTTO grinder

The OTTO range is touted as the world’s “first and only Automatic Milling Machine”. The AI system preserves the quality and structure of bud by automatically changing the direction, speed, and pressure at which it grinds. 

After precision execution, flower passes evenly and neatly into the chamber, retaining its full components. Upgrade your recipient to the GOLD OTTO, with its shiny metallic hues, for a touch of festive magic. It comes with a free carry case, too. 

Find Your Cannabis Christmas Gifts at VidaCann

When it comes to treating the stoner in your life, look no further than your local Florida VidaCann medical dispensary for quality flower, edibles, vaporizers, pre-rolls, and so much more this holiday season. 

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