12 Questions to Ask Your Cannabis Provider

You’re invested in your medical cannabis experience. You’ve consulted your doctor, browsed your local dispensaries and are considering your first purchase. The question is: who has the best quality product?

Here at VidaCann, we’re committed to your wellness. Which is why we want you to receive quality products and care. That starts with asking the right questions. Determine the quality of your medicine by asking your cannabis provider the following 12 important questions.


1. How many milligrams of active cannabinoids does your product contain?

Understanding cannabinoids is vital for selecting the best product for you. Cannabinoids include: THC, CBD, CBN, etc.


2. What is the total volume (milliliters) of the product?

Combined, these will show the mg/ml of the solution. Measurements are critical for proper dosing.


3. Is your product tested for the following:

• Potency (cannabinoid profile)
• Heavy metals: Inorganic Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Methyl Mercury
• Residual solvents
• Residual Pesticides
• Aflatoxins
• Microbial contaminants: Aerobic Plate Count, Yeasts, Molds, Coliforms, Salmonella spp, Escherichia coli


4. Is the product grown using organic processes?


5. Is the product grown following Good Agricultural Practices?


6. Can you track the production of your product from seed to sale?


7. Is the product produced in a registered lab?

Are labs following (c)GMP standards, or using third-party testing?


8. Is there a product recall policy?


9. What is the cost per milligram?

You should also inquire about financial assistance programs. At VidaCann, we use Realm of Caring (ROC). Known for their profound familial impact and innovative programs, their trained specialists provide patients with personalized product and dosing recommendations, as well as financial assistance.


10. Will there be a constant supply of products?


11. Will there be good customer service?


12. Who will assist me concerning dosing protocols?


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