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Available in a variety of strengths and cannabinoid ratios, we’re certain we can meet your individual cannabis needs. In addition to our own proprietary cannabis products, we’re the exclusive partners of Stanley Brothers and Tikun Olam. Starting from the seeds or clones we grow from, we make sure our process is guided by our mission: To create and sustain a culture of health and wellness throughout Florida—one community at a time. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference our care and attention make in our products. See for yourself at any of our Florida dispensaries.


Our capsules are made with whole-plant cannabis oil—meaning we use all the beneficial components of the plant including cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes—and are 100% vegan.
20 min – 2 hrs This will depend on your metabolism and whether or not you ingested them on an empty stomach, which accelerates absorption.
4 – 12 hrs Unusually high doses can result in effects lasting over 24 hours.
Pros of Capsules
Capsules have a longer-lasting effect than a lot of other forms of cannabis use. They’re also one of the most convenient (and discreet) forms of consumption.
Cons of Capsules
If you’re looking for immediate relief, capsules are not ideal because of the delayed onset. Some users ingest additional capsules in order to achieve their desired effects. This can lead to overconsumption and doses that could be overwhelming to users.


Our concentrate jars are designed to provide high cannabinoid concentration within a distillate oil. You can use concentrates in almost any method you like, making them a highly versatile product.
If vaporized: < 1 min.
If sublingual: 20 – 30 min.
If swallowed: 15 min – 2 hrs
If vaporized: 1 – 3 hrs.
If sublingual: 2 – 4 hrs.
If swallowed: 4 – 6 hrs.
Pros of Concentrates
Concentrates are high in cannabinoids and terpenes, giving them a great flavor. They’re potent, pure, and their jar packaging allows for air-tight storage.
Cons of Concentrates
Concentrates can be difficult to use on the go due to the stickiness of cannabis oil. Concentrates need to be kept in a dark cool place in order to prevent degradation.


Our flower is raw, straight from the plant. From planting to trimming, we put care into every step of our growing process.
< 1 min
1 – 4 hrs
Pros of Flower
The benefits of flower are control and efficiency. Raw cannabis flower gives users more control of the strain and cannabinoid content than any other method. Plus, you feel the effects within a minute of inhalation.
Cons of Flower
Flower has more variability than some other methods. Flower with the same strain name may still vary in potency, source, and cannabinoid content. The smoke generated from burning papers and lighter fluid chemicals may contain unwanted compounds. Users with compromised immune systems or lung problems may want to consider other methods of cannabis.


For consumers looking for a high THC content, syringes are the way to go. They contain highly concentrated distillate cannabis oil. Syringes can be used both in cooking or by taking sublingually.
If vaporized: ~5 seconds
If sublingual: 20 – 30 min
If swallowed: 15 min – 2 hrs
If vaporized: 1 – 3 hrs
If sublingual: 2 – 4 hrs
If swallowed: 4 – 6 hrs
Pros of Syringes
Syringes are great for accurate dosing because the container allows you to dispense the exact volume you need and very little oil is lost in the application process. The product is pure, high in cannabinoids and terpenes, and has a great flavor.
Cons of Syringes
Because of the stickiness of the cannabis oil, syringes can be difficult to use on-the-go.


With a large variety of tinctures, it’s easy to find what works for you. All VidaCann tinctures are whole-plant and available in many cannabinoid ratios. Whether it’s an MCT oil or avocado oil base you are after, we have you covered.
15 min – 1 hr
3 – 6 hrs
Pros of Tinctures
Tinctures are easy to ingest, discreet to use, and have no odor. They also make measuring doses simple.
Cons of Tinctures
Light, heat and oxygen will degrade the THC content, so bottles must be opaque and tightly sealed.


Topicals are cannabis-infused products that you apply directly to your skin. Great for muscle aches and pains, topicals are perfect for anywhere you need localized relief.
5 min – 2 hrs
4 – 10 hrs
Pros of Topicals
With topicals, the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower rate than inhalation or oral consumption, the effects are limited to the application area, and you don’t get the intoxication normally felt with THC.
Cons of Topicals
As with any other cream or lotion, you need to avoid touching your eyes or mouth during and after application. You should also avoid bathing or steaming after applying a topical.


If you’re looking for a smokeless, efficient form of inhalation, then vape cartridges are your answer. Our cartridges are made from pure cannabis oil and contain the same cannabinoid and terpene profile as the plant they were extracted from. We use cannabis-derived terpenes in all of our cartridges.
< 1 min
1 – 4 hrs
Pros of Vaporizers
Vaporizers are more discreet than smoking. There’s minimal odor and it dissipates quickly. The flavors of terpenes in cannabis are more pronounced in a vaporizer. A dose of cannabis can be delivered quickly to relieve acute symptoms.
Cons of Vaporizers
Using a vaporizer, as with all inhalants, has a shorter duration. Vaporizers also have a battery that must remain charged and the long-term health risks of vaping cannabis oil are currently unknown.

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