420-Friendly AirBnBs & Hotels In FL: Your Booking Guide

Choosing accommodations during vacation can be difficult whether you’re traveling alone or with loved ones. You have to find something big enough, close enough to attractions, decide kitchen or no kitchen, and so much more. If you’re a cannabis user or someone in your group is, planning can be even harder to ensure you abide by local rules and regulations. After all, nothing puts a damper on a vacation quite like getting kicked out of your hotel. 

Luckily, Florida is a great location to visit if you want to include cannabis in your trip offering lots of options for where to lay your head at night without worrying about the neighbors finding out you smoked a bit before bed. 

Before we get into 420-friendly stays, Let’s define what that means.

420-Friendly AirBnBs & Hotels In FL: Your Booking Guide

What are 420-friendly AirBnBs and hotels?

420-friendly AirBnBs or weed hotels are places to stay that allow guests to consume marijuana without consequences. They don’t all have the same rules about where and how you’re allowed to consume, but they’re places where those who use cannabis medicinally or recreationally (depending on the state) can stay without worries. 

What this doesn’t mean is that every 420-friendly stay will allow you to smoke in your room or raid the breakfast bar after hours with truly no consequences. As with every place we visit on vacation, each hotel or rental will have its own way of doing things. Check with them before you stay to ensure it aligns with how you want to spend your time during your getaway.

Now that we understand what they are, let’s look at how to find 420-friendly accommodations. 

How can you find weed-friendly accommodations in Florida?

Bud and Breakfast

Perhaps one of the most common places to look for a weed-friendly stay is Bud and Breakfast. It’s been around since 2015. It’s a website similar to AirBnB where owners offer their place to similar-minded renters while they’re in town via the platform.  It works the same as any other accommodation website. You tell them where you’re going and when and look through the results to find some that you like. 


HiBnb is a platform for cannabis users that doesn’t only focus on accommodation, but also local events that you may be interested in while you visit. The website is so cannabis-focused that many hosts even offer cannabis gifts when you arrive and make accessories available for you so you don’t have to travel with yours.


Of course, anything that you’ll find on the other sites will likely also be listed on Airbnb. However, finding only 420-friendly Airbnbs can be difficult so if you want to search for those specifically, choose a filter under “house rules” and look for anything similar to “420-friendly.” 

Another option, beyond any specific platform, is to look on GoogleBooking.com, or other websites looking for marijuana-related keywords and see which listings come up. Finally, there’s good old human-to-human contact, where you message any of these hosts and ask them yourself. Old school, we know, but it just may be the fastest way to get the place you want. 

Cannabis-Friendly Weed Hotels and AirBnBs You May Like

So, we can’t recommend any places that aren’t specifically advertised as being welcoming to cannabis users, but there are a lot of great Florida listings for the 420 crowd.  Here are some you may enjoy:


Your next Florida stay can be at Vibesbnb, close to the Miami airport. They have weed-friendly spaces for rent that include shared stays or private ones as well as a walkable neighborhood and guides to where to go for fun attractions. Inside, you’ll find indoor and outdoor lounges with colorful decor to mirror your beachy vacation. The place is also equipped with accessories to partake in cannabis consumption however you like.

The Love Lounge Miami Beach

With a 4.8 rating on Airbnb, The Love Lounge is a Miami favorite for guests who use cannabis according to whom the home has got older decor, but a perfect location. The host, Vincent, gets a lot of positive feedback about his communication and friendliness, as well. The location is walkable and you can bring your weed to the location with no concerns about getting a bad review.

Apartment in Brickell

If you’re looking to be in the center of everything and have heard about Brickell, you’ll be pleased to see this apartment located in the district which is also 420-friendly. It’s got everything you need, including city views, an in-unit washer and dryer, an outdoor sitting and dining area, and access to a pool and hot tub as well as other building facilities. Of course, you’ll want to ask the host what the consumption rules are outside of the apartment in common areas, but while you’re indoors, you’re good to have your weed.

Plan Your Next 420 Vacation

As we’ve learned, 420-friendly hotels, or weed-friendly stays are places you can stay and consume marijuana freely according to the house rules.  They’re available in many cities around the country, ready to host you whether you want to do a staycation in a city nearby or a full beach trip. The good news is that if you’re looking for the latter and want a hotel or Airbnb in Florida, weed-friendly locations are available. This way, you don’t worry about neighbors getting upset, having to justify your consumption, or even finding a new hotel. 

It doesn’t matter if you choose one of the locations we suggested in this post or one you find on your own, It’s now easier than you think to plan and execute a weed-friendly vacation, especially in a state as 420-positive as Florida. While you’re in the state, stock up on your supply before going to your accommodation by hitting up any of VidaCann’s 14 dispensaries offering high-quality flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and much more. 

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