Cannamoms: Let’s Talk About Cannabis and Parenting

Being a parent and having your own interests and hobbies can sometimes be at odds. It’s as if once you have a child, as far as society is concerned, your personality should revolve around being a parent to that child. Some people even feel that society is more forgiving to fathers than to mothers. They allow them a variety of hobbies and see their habits, like drinking beer, as simple recreational activities. 

Some moms point out that society isn’t as gracious towards mothers who stray from the classic — read “old-fashioned” — idea of motherhood. Such is the case for moms who choose cannabis as a way to relax, cope, and even focus on their children better. 

Over the past few years, these moms have gathered online to find like-minded communities under the term “cannamoms,” and they’re fighting stigma by opening discussions on how cannabis and parenting have come together for them.

So, what are cannamoms, and how can cannabis help parents in their daily life? 

What Is a “Cannamom”?

Cannamoms are women with children who use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes in their daily lives. You can find them gathered on social media groups, Reddit threads, and discussed in press media like the Los Angeles Times and BBC

For all the cannabis mom craze there is, you may start to wonder why there isn’t such a community for fathers. Essentially, the absence of “cannadads” boils down to the criticism mothers face around any decision, also known as “mom-shaming.” If you’re unfamiliar with that term, mom-shaming is the practice of criticizing mothers for their choices as parents, especially in ways that fathers are not subject to. 

So, although the stigma around cannabis use is decreasing, mom-shaming is still a prevalent practice women battle daily. Cannabis then becomes another reason to place judgment on women. But some women argue that mothers should be allowed rest, recreation, and coping mechanisms like men. Why, then, does cannabis and parenting get such a bad reputation, but “wine-o-clock” seems to be acceptable?

For many, being a mom means facing judgment about every decision. For cannamoms, mom-shaming can mean having to go silent about their marijuana use.

The Taboo and Stigma Around Cannabis and Parenting

One of the main assumptions cannamoms hear about their marijuana use is that they’re “stoned” while parenting or unable to address immediate concerns or emergencies due to their use. However, the strain of cannabis they use, how they consume it, and whether or not they’re using CBD makes a significant difference in how cannabis will affect their parenting. 

For instance, CBD oil doesn’t have THC, the component that causes the “high” effect. And cannamoms often point to the “normalcy” of having one or more glasses of wine while caregiving, claiming alcohol to be a comparable recreational substance in small quantities.

Of course, the taboo around publicly speaking on cannabis and parenting doesn’t only come from the fact that parents will be criticized or shamed. It can also stem from their state’s legal relationship with cannabis. After all, not all parents face the same consequences for their recreational habits. 

For parents living in states that haven’t legalized cannabis, it could mean the difference between being able to keep their children or losing them to Child Protective Services. As a result, cannamoms around the country feel varying degrees of forced secrecy around their cannabis use. This “hush, hush” culture around weed has been referred to as being in the “green closet.”

Cannamom groups online have become a source of solace for mothers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to talk openly about how cannabis is helping and ask for tips. 

Online discussion groups have given cannamoms a new space to open up about how they find relief and focus thanks to the recreational use of cannabis.

How Cannamoms Are Changing the Conversation

As the “self-care” culture catches on, parents are running with the practice to advocate for their physical and mental health care using marijuana. Some moms are opening up about treating pain from endometriosis and migraines with cannabis. Others have shared how they use it for mental health struggles, such as anxiety. 

Stress-relief strains of marijuana help moms spend time with their children with fewer concerns about ongoing to-do lists. In this way, they’re highlighting how cannabis use not only helps them be a healthier individual but also allows them to be more present for their children. Many report feeling more present and focused when spending time with their children, which in turn made them happier.

Tips for Using Marijuana as a Parent

Using marijuana as a parent certainly isn’t the same as using it before having children. Not only because of the judgment you may face from others but also logistically. Although, you could argue it’s no different than juggling cannabis as a hobby when you have a job, school, or any other responsibility. 

You simply have to understand how marijuana may affect you and your performance in your daily life. Here are some tips to help you navigate weed consumption as a parent:

  • Use edibles sparingly and only when you’re well aware of their effects. 
  • Take special precautions to separate pot cookies, brownies, or other sweets that children could mistake for the kid-friendly version of the treat.
  • Test stress-relieving strains for the first time while another parent or caregiver is in the home.
  • Second-hand cannabis smoke, like cigarette smoke, can also harm children.
  • Cannabis isn’t recommended for breastfeeding mothers or those who are pregnant.

These helpful tips are not meant to be medical advice. So, for any other questions you have regarding cannabis use, consult your doctor. They’ll be able to advise you about your specific situation to recommend what’s best for your body and family.

In the meantime, you can always learn more about possible cannabis use, whether by consulting a cannamom online forum to learn about others’ experiences or looking for cannabis to try it yourself. 

Suppose you’d like to see whether cannabis can help reduce anxiety or pain and help you be more present with your children. In that case, a few cannabis strains are more likely to help. 

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