Medical Marijuana Edibles Are Now Legal in Florida: A Look at Their History and Future

The legalization of cannabis continues to spread — as of August 27th, medical marijuana edibles are now legal to be sold in Florida. The new rules are the result of an emergency decision by the Florida Department of Health. The legalization of edibles opens up some new opportunities for medical marijuana patients. 

Many people who might have benefited from medical marijuana were not able to use it because of the limited number of consumption methods. By legalizing medical marijuana edibles, the state of Florida has opened the door to reduced pain and suffering of more than 400,000 current medical marijuana patients, along with untold numbers of future patients.

Of course, the law does still carry some restrictions. Here’s what you need to know about getting and using medical cannabis edibles in Florida.


Guidelines on the Legalization of Florida Cannabis Edibles

Florida has composed guidelines for how medical marijuana edibles should look. These guidelines are par for the course for most states with legal medical edibles. The intention is to prevent minors from accidentally eating medical edibles assuming that they’re regular treats. Specifically, the law states that “edibles shall be produced in a manner to minimize color intensity and other color and visual characteristics attractive to children.” 

The guidelines require that medical edibles and their packaging:

  • Cannot include bright colors
  • Cannot include icing, sprinkles, or other toppings
  • May not “reasonably resemble” any candy currently on the market
  • Must be standard geometric shapes
  • May not include meat, poultry, or fish ingredients. 

Outside of those regulations, all other types of medical edibles are permitted. Baked goods, drink powders, chocolates, gels, and lozenges are all common edibles that will be allowed in Florida. 


Buying and Selling Edibles in Florida

Any company that manufactures medical cannabis edibles will be required to purchase a food permit. This will help ensure that the quality of the edibles is equal to that of any other food. The intention is to help patients, so requiring a food permit is a guarantee that Florida cannabis edibles will be top quality.

The current rules do not specify a certain limit for how many edibles you may have at any given time. Without a legal upper bound, medical marijuana patients can purchase as many edibles as they’d like for the moment. Currently, users can only possess up to 4 ounces of actual marijuana buds, so edibles are now an easier way to stock up. 


The History of Edibles

The recent Florida legalization of edibles is just one more step in the American edible journey. Edibles have been around for just about as long as marijuana, with bhang lassi — essentially an ancient marijuana milkshake — tracing back more than three thousand years. American edible marijuana may not directly trace from bhang lassi, but the idea of eating it instead of smoking it has been around a very long time. 


Edibles in America

The most well-documented early American edible cannabis comes from the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, published in 1954. The cookbook, which was published following the death of Toklas’ life partner Gertrude Stein, includes a recipe for hashish fudge. This recipe became incredibly well-known and spurred a revival of interest in cannabis and edibles in American society. 

Edible marijuana products grew from there. Because marijuana was not yet legal, most of these recipes were developed by individuals, with particularly tasty recipes spreading by word of mouth. 

The 1970s and the 1980s saw the discovery that cannabis was most effectively added to food when combined with butter since THC and CBD are fat-soluble. This cannabis butter can be added to everything from brownies to candy, offering a simple way for cannabis users to indulge without the smoke.


Today’s Edible Cannabis

As medical marijuana — and eventually recreational marijuana — began to become legal throughout the nation, these recipes for edibles gained more traction. Today, edibles are widely appreciated by medical marijuana users.

Many people dislike swallowing pills or find them inconvenient. Others dislike smoking or have lung conditions that make smoking or vaping not an option. Edible cannabis products give these people an easy way to use cannabis for their medical conditions without having to sacrifice their health or comfort. 


The Future of Florida Medical Cannabis

Legalizing medical edibles was an important step for the state of Florida. It showed that the legislative system is coming to understand that cannabis is not a serious danger and that medical cannabis users are able to make their own decisions. That is a good sign for the future of the cannabis industry in Florida. 

Many other states that have since legalized recreational cannabis began by legalizing medical marijuana. While it often takes several years between each step, the process has become clear. More and more states are acknowledging that cannabis can be a useful substance and a successful part of society, and the legalization of medical edibles is a frequent step in the process of full legalization. 


A Framework for Legalization

If Florida follows the same path that many other states have, then the legalization of medical cannabis edibles means that there will already be a set of companies prepared to offer a wide variety of marijuana products. The medical marijuana producers will be the groups prepared to offer recreational marijuana, edibles, and other products. 

Cannabis edible legalization also sets the groundwork for expanding medical marijuana itself. With a wider variety of consumption methods available, more people in Florida will be able to use cannabis to treat their conditions. That means that more people will likely request medical marijuana cards in the state, and the industry will continue to grow in popularity. 


Now’s the Time to Make Medical Cannabis a Part of Your Life

The legalization of medical cannabis edibles in Florida is an important moment for the entire state. If you have been hesitant to try medical marijuana, there’s never been a better time. VidaCann is here to help you live a healthier, more comfortable life by providing all-natural Florida cannabis products. 

At VidaCann, we offer a wide range of brands and strains on our online store or at any one of our medical cannabis dispensaries. You deserve to be healthy. Let us help you make the most of Florida medical cannabis during this exciting time in the industry. 

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