What To Know About Anger Management & Marijuana

Over the past few years, marijuana has gained traction as a powerful form of medical treatment. While there are still some legal hurdles in place, laws are changing — opening doors for more far-reaching drug applications. 

Research shows that the medicinal uses of cannabis can go far beyond pain management. From multiple sclerosis to sleep apnea, people use weed to treat a wide range of medical conditions. 

Thanks to its mellow, calming effect, it’s no surprise that cannabis has been used to treat several mental health conditions. Some people use it to better cope with stress, while others have used it to support their treatment plans for conditions like depression, anxiety, or PTSD

But did you know that cannabis can also treat anger management? If you struggle with overwhelming aggressive impulses or difficulty controlling your outbursts of anger, cannabis could help get you on the path toward recovery. 

In this article, we’ll further explore the research behind weed for anger management and how you can use it to improve your emotional control. 

What Is Anger Management?

It’s normal to experience occasional bursts of anger. Anger is a normal part of life, whether it’s a moment of road rage or frustration at someone cutting in front of you in line at the grocery store. 

For some, however, anger can be debilitating. Someone with deeper anger issues might need intervention, including therapy or medications, to help them manage their anger. 

Up to 16 million people in America have what’s known as intermittent explosive disorder (IED). This often underdiagnosed mental health issue involves the inability to control aggressive impulses, leading to fits of anger, destruction of property, or even physical and verbal violence. 

Other symptoms of anger management problems can include: 

  • Heart palpitations
  • Racing thoughts 
  • Tremors
  • Shouting
  • Tightening of the chest 
  • Outbursts of violent behavior

Whether the condition manifests itself in episodes of anger or a constant feeling of aggression and irritability, it can severely disrupt someone’s life. People with IED can experience consequences that affect their relationships with friends and family, their careers, and more. 

The cause of anger management problems is unknown. However, some experts suggest a link between IED and other disruptive mental illnesses, including borderline personality disorder.

Marijuana for Anger Management 

When people experience uncontrollable anger, it can have severe consequences. In some cases, it can ruin lives. 

Thankfully, a combination of therapy and medications may help get these anger issues under control. One option you can use alongside more traditional treatment options is medical cannabis. 

While some strains of cannabis can make things worse — triggering paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks in certain people — the right strain can calm the nervous system. The stress-relieving, relaxing effect can put you in the right mental space to react more appropriately to stress. 

Regularly taking cannabis can also alleviate the conditions that might trigger anger in the first place. For example, the right strain can help improve sleep or reduce chronic stress

However, it’s important to note that medical marijuana should never be the sole treatment for anger management issues or IED. Cannabis can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment under the guidance of a doctor to help someone manage the condition. 

If you’re struggling with feelings of intense anger, especially if it drives you to do things you regret, always speak to a doctor for professional help.

How To Use Weed for Anger Management

If you want to use cannabis or CBD for anger management, you’re in the right place. While cannabis can’t treat the root cause of your anger issues, it can help you clear and calm your mind, allowing you to overcome your out-of-control emotions. 

However, it’s important to choose the right products to treat anger issues. The wrong strain could lead to symptoms like anxiety, paranoia, racing thoughts, or even more explosive emotions. Instead, you should look for strains that are calming, relaxing, and have a clear-headed effect

Some of the best options for anger issues or IED are Indica strains, which produce a more sleepy, calming feeling. CBD-dominant strains are also a great choice if you want to remain clear-headed during the day while still enjoying the anxiety-relieving effects. 

Below, you’ll find some of the top recommended strains for anger management. 

  • Avidekel: A CBD-rich hybrid strain with almost no THC but a powerful anxiety-relieving effect 
  • Eran Almong: A smooth Indica strain that offers heightened relaxation for a deeply restorative effect 
  • Apple Fritter: A hybrid strain that provides a gentle, yet uplifting euphoria, restoring balance to the body and treating issues like mood swings, stress, and depression
  • Erez: An Indica-dominant strain with a powerful, sleepy effect used to treat anxiety, stress, and PTSD
  • Or: An Indica strain that provides full-body relaxation while leaving the mind clear, stimulated, and creative
  • Bubble Bath: A hybrid strain leaning towards Indica that has a powerful tension-relieving effect on both the body and mind
  • Kush Cake: An Indica-dominant hybrid strain that relaxes the muscles while lifting the mood with a powerful euphoria
  • Tahoe Quattro: An Indica strain with an intensely soothing effect, designed to push away negative thoughts and leave you feeling completely relaxed

Taking Back Control of Your Life With Medical Cannabis 

If you have difficulty managing your anger, you know how negatively it can affect your life. Uncontrolled anger can take a toll on your health and your relationships. Medical marijuana can be a powerful tool for relieving stress, relaxing your nerves, and helping you control your mindset. 

Even with the proper medications, learning to control your anger can be challenging. Always seek professional help if you feel out of control or if your anger causes you to do things you regret. 

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