Flower, Tinctures, or Capsules: Which Is the Right Method for You?

So you have decided with the help of a doctor that medical marijuana may have benefits for you. Next, you are sure to wonder, “Which cannabis consumption method is right for me?” 

When choosing a method, you’re not restricted to just one. Some people prefer one form for daytime and another for use before bed. Also, if you have more than one symptom, you may choose to use several types of medical cannabis. 

Some people even consider their wellness regimens and their workout routines when deciding how to use cannabis products. With a little knowledge about the options available for medical marijuana, you’ll be able to make a sound decision.  


Pre-Rolls: Classic and Accessible

The term “pre-rolls” refers to marijuana cigarettes that are ready for use. This is the form of cannabis that most people are likely familiar with. When buying pre-rolls from a Florida medical cannabis dispensary, the cannabis has been expertly processed and packaged so that you can have the best smoking experience possible.

You may choose this method if you do not want to wait for your medicine to take effect. Relief from your pain or other symptoms can be quick. If you prefer natural products, you will like that the cannabis used in pre-rolls is minimally processed. Another plus is that pre-rolls are typically less expensive than some other forms. 

Some users may prefer a different delivery method for their medical cannabis because they are concerned about the effects on their lungs. Those who have respiratory conditions such as asthma often choose other forms. 

The smell of cannabis often lingers around those who smoke it, which can also be an issue for some. One last disadvantage is that the amount of THC and CBD, the primary medicinal compounds in cannabis, can be difficult to determine when smoking.


Flower: Traditional and Versatile

The term “flower” refers to the smokable part of the marijuana plant. It is sold loose for the consumer to roll or to use in a pipe or bong. The advantages and disadvantages of using flower are roughly the same as using pre-rolls, but there are some differences depending upon the smoking method. 

Bongs produce smoke that feels cooler and less harsh than smoke from cigarettes, so some prefer to use flower accessed through a bong rather than using pre-rolls. Those opting to use a bong should know that the process can still irritate the lungs.


Vapes: Smooth and Flavorful

Vapes contain small tubes or cartridges which hold a distillate derived from cannabis. A wide variety of devices can be used to turn the distillate into a vapor that can be inhaled. Because the cannabis is not combusted, you won’t have the smell or the harshness of smoke. 

The lower temperature used by a vape means that the flavorful compounds called terpenes can be fully enjoyed. Still, because this is a newer and more high-tech method of using cannabis, vapers should be well-informed about how to use their medicine safely.

It’s important to note that this method can affect cognitive function and motor abilities more so than other delivery methods. A Johns Hopkins study on the effects of vaping found that, compared to smoking, vaping produces a higher level of THC in the blood and more intense effects, especially for those new to it.

Be sure to purchase your vaping supplies from a reliable source. Quality is important both in the hardware that you use and in the distillate that goes into the hardware. Be sure to buy from a fully licensed Florida dispensary like VidaCann.


Concentrates: Varied and Potent

A concentrate is created when cannabis is processed to isolate the most desirable compounds. As the name suggests, concentrates are more potent than other forms. 

Concentrates appear in a number of forms, including distillates, oils, and waxes. Often, they’re packaged in what are called syringes, but these syringes do not contain needles. Instead, they’re devices used to dispense a measured dose of concentrate. 

You can take cannabis concentrates orally, sublingually (under the tongue), or as an inhalant. Because they can pack a powerful punch, concentrates may not be the best choice for most beginners.


Tinctures: Easy and Reliable

A tincture is a timeless and reliable method for delivering medicine. It is usually a type of oil made from cannabis extract. 

Tinctures are usually taken sublingually, so the medication enters the bloodstream moderately quickly. You may choose a tincture if you want your medication delivered safely and comfortably and you don’t want to wait too long for it to take effect.  


Capsules: Familiar and Precise

Cannabis in capsule form looks much like a vitamin pill, so it can be taken discreetly. It’s absorbed in the stomach, so it will take around an hour to take effect. 

The psychoactive effect of capsules will vary according to the contents of the capsule. It is possible to buy capsules with little or no THC.

Medical cannabis taken by capsule tends to have a long-lasting effect, so dosage is important. Those who opt for capsules are urged to start slowly until they learn what the effects of a particular dose will be. 


Topicals: Pleasant and Non-Psychoactive

If you are looking for pain relief without the psychoactive effects, topicals may be right for you. They’re applied directly to the skin in the area where you have pain. Topicals are appropriate for joint pain, muscle soreness, and some forms of skin irritation. 

One advantage of topicals is that they don’t have the side effects of many painkillers taken by mouth. They are also one of the safest ways of using medical cannabis. Besides the pain relief that you may get from topical products, you may also enjoy the creamy feel and pleasant scent of these products. 

There’s a lot to know about Florida medical cannabis, and stopping by a VidaCann location is a great way to learn more. Knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you decide on an appropriate way to consume your medical marijuana.

Staff can also tell you more about where these products are created, from the grow facilities to the processing plant. Whether you decide on flower, tinctures, capsules, or some other Florida cannabis product, you’ll know you’re making an informed choice.  

If a trip to a VidaCann location isn’t convenient, you can visit the VidaCann website and learn more about the products available. Get your questions answered via phone or by using the message function. As a Florida online dispensary, VidaCann provides home delivery as long as it is available and permitted in your county. 

You can also connect with VidaCann on social media. Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram and visit our Facebook page Florida Grown, Florida Owned.

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