Sativa or Indica – What Do They Mean?

If you’re new to the world of medical marijuana, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There is a vast array of strains out there, and there’s a whole set of brand new terms you might not have heard of before. If you’ve used medical marijuana, you’ve likely come across the terms “Sativa,” “Indica,” or […]

Poke and Twist: How to Roll the Perfect Joint

When most people think about cannabis, they think about joints. A joint is the classic way to use cannabis, after all.  As iconic as the joint is, it can also seem intimidating — if you’ve gone through the trouble of rolling a joint, the risk of it falling apart and wasting your flower is worrying. […]

Could Marijuana Help You Work Out Better?

Is there a connection between marijuana and exercise? It might seem like an odd thought to have, but if you’ve ever tried any intense physical activity while using cannabis (or spoken to a few friends who have), you may have noticed a trend.  At least one survey, conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder, […]

Why Do People Buy Pre-Rolled Joints, and Are They Worth It?

While numerous new medical cannabis products have hit dispensaries in recent years, smoking is still one of the most popular methods of use. While joints have been around for years, until recently, you typically had to roll your own. Not anymore. Pre-rolled joints are a relatively new product, providing cannabis smokers with a more convenient […]

10 Health Benefits of Cannabis You Didn’t Know

For centuries, from the Middle East to ancient Greece and Rome, people have used cannabis. For both medicine and recreation, cannabis use is well-documented.  You may have heard of marijuana being used to help chemotherapy patients gain an appetite and avoid depression. Today, there are even several cannabis-based pharmaceuticals approved for use by the U.S. […]

Flower, Tinctures, or Capsules: Which Is the Right Method for You?

So you have decided with the help of a doctor that medical marijuana may have benefits for you. Next, you are sure to wonder, “Which cannabis consumption method is right for me?”  When choosing a method, you’re not restricted to just one. Some people prefer one form for daytime and another for use before bed. […]

Could You Qualify For a Florida Medical Marijuana Card? And How to Get One

Medical marijuana cards are increasingly popular among Florida locals looking to get relief from certain health conditions. In fact, since the state legalized medical cannabis in 2014, more than 380,000 people have gotten Florida medical marijuana cards. Florida’s first medical marijuana legislation, the Compassionate Care Act, was very narrow in scope. The program was expanded […]

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