Cannabis Dispensary Near Me
VidaCann is considered the most reputable cannabis dispensary near me- we are open for business via curbside pick-up and contactless delivery. You don’t have to go without your medical marijuana through the COVID shutdown- we have two convenient options to ensure you always have access to your meds. Cannabis Dispensary Near Me

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Cannabis Consulting

M Consulting

3505 Cadillac Ave
Costa Mesa CA 92626 US
(800) 530-2764

Armed with a unique perspective as both business owners and operators who have built cannabis supply-chain businesses from the ground up and successfully overcome the numerous trials and tribulations associated with facility licensing and buildout, Michael and Matteo possess a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively and efficiently guide other entrepreneurs through the process. M Consulting Experts focuses on streamlining processes for clients to help reduce overall costs and avoid many of the mistakes that are hard to foresee without experience. M Consulting

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