Dispensary in Tampa
Are you looking for a dispensary in Tampa that will respect your need to social distance? VidaCann offers two convenient options for our medical marijuana customers: curbside pickup and no-contact delivery. You don't have to put your cannabis order on hold due to the Covid shutdown- we can keep you well stocked at VidaCann.

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Scottsdale Dispensaries


Cannabis Cactus Magazine

2921 West Osborn Road

It’s both easy and affordable for Scottsdale dispensaries to get the word out about new products; Cannabis Cactus Magazine has space available for your dispensary’s ad. If you’re looking for a new way to get connected with the community, our magazine can help you grow a local following without spending a lot on ads.

Cannabis Consultant


M Consulting

3505 Cadillac Ave
Costa Mesa
(800) 530-2764

Do you need advice or assistance from a knowledgeable cannabis consultant? M Consulting Experts can help you cut through a lot of the red tape in getting set up as a cannabis grower and ensure that your time, finances, and efforts pay off. Reach out to us for information about cultivation, extraction, distribution, regulation compliance, marketing, and more.

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