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The marijuana plant has many components called Cannabinoids. It has more than 100, and each one can have a different effect on the bodies. However, only two cannabinoids are used in higher concentrations for medical and recreational Marijuana. These are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

The THC is the one to have a psychoactive effect. That’s why medical Marijuana has higher concentrations of CBD and lower THC, unlike recreational Marijuana that has higher levels of THC than CBD to get the desired euphoric effect of being high. Also, CBD has an effect of counteracting THC’s psychoactive effect, which is why it has excellent use in case of mental illness.

Types of St Petersburg Dispensaries:

So, a medicinal cannabis dispensary in St. Petersburg only sells medical Marijuana and the same with a recreational dispensary. To buy from a medicinal dispensary, you need a healthcare professional’s recommendation, and recreational dispensaries don’t require any recommendation.

On the other hand, to buy from a recreational dispensary, you need to be over 21 years old, and for medicinal dispensaries, you only have to be over 18 years old. There are different regulations for each, but there are some dispensaries that mixed both modalities.

Why Vidacann is the ideal Marijuana dispensary in St. Petersburg?

Vidacann offers the best of both worlds as a blended dispensary; it has medicinal and recreational weed for sale in Florida. It is one of the largest medicinal dispensaries with a long history cultivating cannabis products with sustainable processes.

Vidacann uses advanced methods to make sure its products have the topmost quality for its clients. Its lab is FDA certified for cGMP and uses the latest technology to keep all the crops monitored. Another thing that makes Vidacann the best dispensary in St. Petersburg is that they have a wide range of products, and you can pick up your purchase, or they offer different methods of delivery.

Vidacann as a St. Petersburg medicinal dispensary:

To become a patient with Vidacann, you can do it with three easy steps. First, visit a qualified physician to make sure your condition applies and get a recommendation. Second, complete your application with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. And third, after you receive confirmation of your application, you can shop at Vidacann in the nearest dispensary or online.

Vidacann’s Prime Products:

  • Marijuana Capsules. Vidacann uses the whole plant to make cannabis oil, which means it has all the components of Marijuana. This form of cannabis is also one of the most preferred because it lasts longer, and it is discreet.
  • Cannabis Concentrates. This product consists of concentrated cannabis oil that comes in a jar. You can consume it in any way you like, so it is very versatile.
  • Marijuana Flower. Vidacann sells the raw flower without any processing.
  • Cannabis Tinctures. These are cannabis extracts that have a variety of bases. Vidacann offers different oil bases like avocado oil and many cannabinoid ratios.
  • Topicals. These are cannabis-infused products to use on the skin. They are great for localized pain relief like muscle soreness.
  • Vaporizers. Vape cartridges are an odorless cannabis solution to use on the go made with pure cannabis oil.
  • Syringes. They count as a recreational product because they have high THC content can be used on food or consume directly

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